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+ What is Ad Women for All Women?

  • Ad Women For All Women is a pilot program designed by bohan. It includes a one-day mini-conference and shadowing experience to help introduce female students in our community to advertising as a career path.

+ Why is it a pilot program?

  • We’ve implemented the program in Nashville, but we want other ad agencies to adopt it too. Any agency who wants to bring AWFAW to their community can contact us to download our entire resource kit, which includes this website, posters, brochures and more.

+ Who is the program for?

  • AWFAW is for young women, with an emphasis on young women of color. For college students enrolled in marketing, film, digital media, design, advertising or communication programs or courses, we offer an agency-hosted mini-conference and shadow experience. For high school students, we offer classroom outreach panels with agency staff and agency tours.

+ Why just women?

  • While women fill almost half of the roles in advertising, there are still very few women in creative leadership roles—and even fewer women of color leadership roles overall. Introducing female students in our community to various agency roles and thought leaders is just one way agencies can help create a more diverse and inclusive industry.

+ What does the mini-conference entail?

  • Presentations by amazing industry speakers, panel discussions with agency employees and a good lunch.

+ What about the immersion experience?

  • Immersion days are available to all mini-conference attendees and include a follow-up agency visit to shadow two disciplines of the student’s choosing. Attendees can sign up during the mini-conference.

+ I’m a female college student in Nashville and I’m interested in advertising. How do I apply?

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