Welcome to our agency downloads page. Here you can access files for your own Ad Women For All Women program. If there are other formats or documents you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Light Blue: Pantone P 121-6 C   |   Hex: #06bdcd   |   C = 71, M = 0, Y = 21, K = 0

Dark Blue: Pantone P 117-8 C   |   Hex: #026c95   |   C = 91, M = 53, Y = 24, K = 4    

Pink: Pantone P 57-8 C   |   Hex: #ec1d4c   |   C = 0, M = 99, Y = 65, K = 0

Maroon: Pantone P 58-16 C   |   Hex: #9a1a2f   |   C = 25, M = 100, Y = 82, K = 23



For .png, .jpg when page opens right click or control plus click and save down. Other formats should give you a download window. If you have issues you may contact our developer.

All files created on MAC with Adobe Creative Suite please email us for other formats.

Black Logos


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CMYK Logos

.eps  |  .ai

.eps  |  .ai

RGB Logos

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.png  |  .jpg  


Reverse Logos

.png  |  .eps  |  .ai

.png  |  .eps  |  .ai


Zip File 24 MB file


Font for posters and collateral Pieces is Avenir Next. Feel free to substitute this font if necessary.



Poster 1

Zip File - 221 MB


Poster 2

Zip File - 293 MB


Poster 3

Zip File - 574 MB

Download all 3 posters at one time. Zip file - 1.12 GB

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Collateral Pieces


Fold out Brochure

Zip File - 312 MB


Speakers Bios Packet

Zip File - 143 MB


Talking Points and Outreach Sample

School Admin Template - Microsoft Word - PDF

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